I am so sorry for people around the World

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To everyone around the world

My country Japan has so many fine aspects. At the same time, I realize that there are opposite side to it including our irresponsible government administration. It isn't too much to say that the accident at Fukushima nuclear plant is resulted from the way our government conducts. Of course the earthquake did cause the first damage, however the irresponsible response of our government to the accident caused a serious disaster of exposing the world to radiation.

I understand that I do not have direct fault regarding the accident, nevertheless I am responsible for not actively working toward changing the government. Though I had doubt about the way our government administers the country, I promised my daily life and was not acting toward anti-nuclear power movement, nor working toward government revitalization.

I feel awfully bad about what had happened, although there is nothing I can personally do take remedial measures to this disaster.

Some say that Japanese is forgetful race. We keep on speaking about atomic bombing and the bombing of Tokyo during WW II but seem to conveniently forgot to keep on reflecting back on what Japan had done to neighboring Asian countries during war. Moreover, some unreasonably complaint about keep apologizing.

Like Richard Karl Freiherr von Weizsäcker kept on expressing regrets about own country's faults even 40years after the War, I believe I have to keep on remembering responsibility of my country regarding this nuclear plant accident as long as there is any remainder of radiation exposure and its effect on the earth. Hence taking different behavior from "forgetting" 
At least, not being resigned to behave as "forgetful race" is the only thing I can think of being able to do as Japanese for now.

I am so sorry for people around the World for causing distress and worries.





ドイツのバイツゼッカー元大統領が、戦後40年たっても自国の過ち謝罪し続けたように、地球上に今回の事故の放射能とその影響が残る限り、日本人の一員として、その責任が自分にもあるのだと いうことを忘れずにいる(その結果として、忘れてしまったときと違う言動を取るときが出てくる)、というのが、今考えられる唯一できることです.


(Original document is Japanese, English is translated version.)